Elastomeric Roof Coating

Elastomeric Roof Coating

T2424 elastomeric roof coating is easy-to-apply and provides lasting protection that exceeds Title 24 “cool” roof requirements.

    Key Benefits

    • Easy to apply for installers
    • Simplified maintenance for property owners
    • Reduce energy use up to 30%
    • Exceeds Title 24 efficiency requirements
    • Withstands weathering and corrosion
    • Local support from our California team

    Recommended Uses

    • Flat Roofs (Commercial & Residential)
    • Built Up Roofs (BUR)
    • Mobile Home Roofs
    • Asphalt Shingle Roofs
    • Aluminum & Metal Roofs
    • Concrete Roofs

    Commercial Roof Application

    10k Commercial Roof

    Coverage & Characteristics

    Apply by brushing or rolling. Mix from bottom with strong strokes. Clean brushes and rolls with water. Covers 100 to 200 square feet per gallon. For best coverage, apply two or more coats. Coating dries fast under average atmospheric conditions. Do not use on polyurethene foam roofing or flat roofs with less than 1-12 pitch without drainage.


    Use wire brush, steel wool or industrial paper to remove old paints, grease and/or rust from roof surface. On steel that is rusting, apply a metal primer first coat.

    Using patching compound repair all leaks prior to applying roof coating. For larger openings use fiberglass tape. Be sure repaired surface is dry before applying roof coating.

    Pressure wash and remove debris.

    Repair seams and cracks using fiberglass or fiber mesh.


    Allow surface to dry completely before applying coat. To improve weather and water resistance, use fiberglass or fiberglass mesh to entire surface area then apply roof coating.

    Do not use on polyurethene foam roofing or roofs without proper pitch and drainage. Use brush or roll to apply two or more coats to clean and repaired roof surface. Do not apply below 50-degrees or to a damp surface. Do not apply when humidity is high.

    Generously apply to prepared surface. Allow to dry and apply second coat. To improve adhesion of fiberglass mesh to surface, use roof coating as a primer or use an adhesive fiberglass mesh. See also elastomeric roof coating.

    Technical Data

    Vehicle Type
    Solids by Weight
    Solids by Volume
    VOC (less exempt solids)
    < 45 g/L.
    Weight per Gallon
    10.92 lbs/gal
    General Dry Time
    1 hour
    Recoat Dry Time
    4 hours
    100-200 sq.ft./gal


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