Deck Flex W.M. Waterproofing System

Deck Flex W.M. is a Class A Fire Rated Elastomeric Waterproofing System for plywood decks and roof coverings. ICC ESR-3672.

    Key Benefits

    • Class "A" Fire Classification (ESR-3672)
    • Weather Resistance
    • Impact Resistance
    • Surface Beautification
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Proven Lasting Protection
    • Fire Classified Plywood Roof Decks
    • Plywood Deck Waterproofing

    Recommended Uses

    • Flat Roofs
    • Plywood Roof Decks
    • Patio Decks
    • Walking Decks
    • Plywood Surfaces
    • Plaza Areas
    • Wood Decks

    Surface Preparation

    All surfaces must be free of contamination such as water, curing compounds, hardeners, bond breakers, paint, etc. Substrates must be structurally sound, free of any projections or depressions. Preparation is a critical part of the application process. This system is particularly well suited for plywood deck waterproofing.

    Recently completed waterproof and impact-resistant deck walkways.

    Recently completed waterproof and fire-rated plywood roof deck.

    Product Downloads

    ICC-ES ESR-3672
    PDF Report
    Standard Color Chart
    Legacy Report